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With over 25 years of experience, the Accelerator team are here helping you:

  • To decide which fleet and workshop management software solution best fits your business needs now.
  • Enabling you to understand how best to use our fleet and workshop management software to support your business as it grows.
  • Training your team to maximise the performance of your business using our fleet and workshop management software.
  • Providing ongoing support once you have gone live.
  • Listening to your ideas of how you want our software to evolve to meet your future needs.
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Victoria Baker

Managing Director

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Kathleen Helliwell

Finance Director

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Graham Helliwell

Commercial Director

Craig ovw26iz1lwf6srs1zp5i6ne5gpi2lgdzmbhfmnibio - About us
Craig Hill

Digital Assets Manager

David ovw2jfbbe22u451ko9v7ee7ux1xe7xle25rapcdu4w - About us
David Dewhurst

Senior Developer

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Steven Simm

Product Development Manager

Dan ovw2eo8ou7knf3y2f7x3sldysxclb0q8qn0xczfhlc - About us
Dan French

Software Engineer

Zane 1 ovw2lvo58hfsfhh8cc24wrx6r9twbhc5qb2xtcqtw0 - About us
Zane Westermeyer

Support Engineer

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Lisa Lowe

Sales & Customer Care

Julie ovw2g6rbulna4hqvkvhgt7mp99vvpgqoa4v3716nkg - About us
Julie Watson

Software Developer

Jenny ovw2kabznl9ar9sin59w6oe2iroi9y0j6fabjh3ufk - About us
Jenny Blincoe

Admin, Sales and Credit Control

Nice and efficient system with very helpful and supportive staff.

Karen Carey - PW Gates Distribution

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