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Earned Recognition is the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)’s route for operators to monitor and improve driver and vehicle standards. You regularly share performance information with the DVSA. In return, your vehicles are less likely to be stopped for inspections. It’s a voluntary scheme that has been designed to work for operators of all sizes.

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When the DVSA first proposed the launch of the Earned Recognition Scheme pilot a few years ago. We were in at the beginning and worked on several working panels to formulate the rules, but rather than just produce a quick product and be first to launch, we wanted to follow our strategy of full integration making this a key part of our system. This meant developing our software to not only meet, but exceed the strict yet necessary requirements put in place by the DVSA.

As a software developer, this process included numerous audits, a portfolio of evidence and quality management certification.

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We accomplished this and within Accelerator this has become Digital Earned Recognition, which offers the following benefits to you:

  • Reducing roadside inspections, increasing efficiency and decreasing costs.
  • Reduced DVSA visits to your site.
  • The piece of mind that you are hitting your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and have all of the data to present when required.

Note: The DVSA will not have direct access to any of your data and systems.

We are proud to work with the Accelerator team and appreciated their full support that helped us to become the first firm in Scotland to get this award.

Jill Ferguson – Ferguson Transport Ltd

Accelerator acts as a digital monitoring system for vehicle maintenance and drivers’ hours and continuously checks that these are meeting a set of key performance indicators (KPI’s).

Every 4 weeks, Accelerator reports to DVSA of any missed KPI’s by a set amount. If this happens, DVSA will work with you to fix this issue.

Want more information on how our DVSA Earned Recognition module could benefit you? Give us a call on 0844 375 4315

Having gone digital with Accelerator, we can now manage much better as we have all the information needed to run a more efficient and cost-effective business.

Adam Burgess, Fleet Engineering Manager - Fagan and Whalley Ltd

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